Salubrity Pharma In World Freight Organisation (WFO) Meeting 2018

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Freight forwarders have very quickly become one of the most important pieces of the supply chain process in this globalized world. With cargo moving all over the world, customers require reliable, professional and specialized companies to handle their goods.

The GLIK GROUP of Networks was formed as an umbrella for our current networks. Each one different from the other, with different members and profiles, our members are obliged to always provide the very best service, to apply their knowledge and expertise of their markets.

All companies within the group have a professional, dynamic and independent understanding of the requirements of the customer, the ability to be able to provide comprehensive and competitive logistic solutions in all major markets worldwide.

The World Freight Organisation (WFO), it is an independent freight forwarders network settled on November of 2007 focused on professional, medium sized companies, locally owned and focused on building a long term strategic partnerships within the network. Annually the World Freight Organisation hold an Annual General Meeting, so there is no need for travelling to dozens of countries and cities to meet your partners. Simply, you can meet all of them at the same time in the same place.

Annual Meeting World Freight Organisation (WFO) 2018 gathered more than 44 logistic enterprises from 30 countries (Argentina, India, America, Korea, China, Mexico,…). Participating in this meeting, Salubrity Pharma is looking for appropriate logistic solutions for our global clients to receive OEM/ODM goods safely, quickly with reasonable prices.

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