Hair care & body care care product Formulation, manufacturing & filling

Welcome to Salubrity Pharma R&D laboratory!

Salubrity Pharma’s total quality focus, depth of experience and advanced technologies are key elements of the success we bring to our customers in the formulation, manufacturing and filling of personal care, body care and hair care products. We understand the quality of the products we develop and produce is a reflection not just of Salubrity Pharma but, most importantly, of you and your trusted brand name in the marketplace.

Salubrity Pharma maintains an extensive, on-trend portfolio of existing product formulations that can be launched as is or modified to meet your brands unique requirements. Our expertise and capabilities are extensive, covering everything from indulgent products for bath, body and spa, luxurious cleansing, conditioning and styling products for hair, effective sun care products, and sensorial fragrance ancillary products to oral care, antiperspirants, topical analgesics and nasal mists.

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Our mission

Salubrity Pharma’s commitment is to provide you with the personal care, body care and hair care products that meet all desired performance characteristics and are in complete alignment with your marketing and distribution strategies.

Working in partnership with Salubrity Pharma allows our customers to access our creativity, expertise and total quality focus in order to bring to market products that allow their brands to stand out from their competition and to deliver results for their consumers.



Product Forms

Creams, Lotions, Liquids, Gels, Serums, Solid Sticks

Alcohol-Based Products
Visually Different Capabilities
Sample Fills

Filling Capabilities

Jars & Pots
Tottles/Airless Pumps

Hair Care Products

Hair masks/Hair Oil

Body Care Products

OTC Products
SPF Sunscreens
Fragrance Products
Bath, Body & Spa

Oral Care
Topical Analgesics
Nasal Mist Products

Sampling / Unit Dose

Trial Size Capabilities for All Package Types

Manufacturing Services

Bulk Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing

Virtual Manufacturing
Mobile and Flexible Filling Lines 

Manufacturing Equipment

Flexible Automation
Cello Wrapping

Vacuum Kettles
Explosion Proof
Specialty Equipment 

On-Site Laboratories

Research and Development
Quality Assurance

Analytical Microbiology
Marketed Product Stability

Essential Secondary Services Offered

cGMP R&D, Halal Certificate and Pilot Facilities
Dedicated Technology Transfer Team

Production Run Size Capability
5,000 to 1,000,000++ units

Welcome to Salubrity Pharma!

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At Salubrity Pharma, our philosophy is to manufacturing high quality unique skin care products with best services to every client partners

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CEOCEO, Salubrity Pharma
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