Company Profile

“Our philosophy is to manufacturing high quality unique products with best services to every client partners ”
Mr. Andy
CEO of Salubrtiy Pharma Pvt Ltd

Who is Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd?

Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd. as a pharmaceutical and skin care manufacturer (OEM/ODM), establishes an OEM/ODM production framework to offer the complete custom formulation services as well as a full line of stocks of personal care products and and cutting edge pharmaceuticals. Our philosophy is to manufacturing high quality unique products with best services to every client partners.


Salubrity Pharma has been establishing partnerships with massive global companies for past 5 years. They are located worldwide, includes internationally recognized prestigious pharmacy chain stores, hospitals, cosmetic retailers, beauty salons and spas, upscale boutiques, and color and image consultants.






valued customers



Why choose us?

Whether your brand and products design or specification are 100% ready and available or not, Salubrity Pharma are able to customize our service and products to match your exact needs. With our very own R&D and Management teams we aim to provide you with an optimal solution in terms or both time and cost and ultimately with a professional product in terms of brand perception and quality. Needless today, Salubrity Pharma strives towards 100% customer and end-user satisfaction.

We always listen carefully to customers’ requests and continue to challenge the best technique of beauty products (OEM/ODM) with continuous research and collecting broad-based information to plan/propose cosmetics which meet current needs and go ahead of the age. We acquired cGMP and ISO9001 certification and established practice of total quality control system which conforms to an international standard.

For consultation about cosmetics contract manufacturing (OEM/ODM) of high quality, safe and reassurance, please contact to Salubrity Pharma Pvt the professionals of pharmaceutical and personal care OEM/ODM. We commit to the success of our client partners and focus each day on strengthening and building those relationships.

Our core values


We will ensure honestly and fairness in all our actions. We will always do the right things.


We honour the trust given to us by being accountable for our actions.


We have an unyielding drive to win. But always remain humble.

Customer Focus

The customer is the boss. If we don’t support the customer directly, we serve those that do. Customer serving trumps everything.


We will treat all people with courtesy disnity and respect.

Constant Improvement

Good enough never is. We drive change with vigor. We celebrate with our successes but are relentless dissatisfied. We have a very strong work ethic.

Our commitment

Our commitment to quality pharmaceuticals and natural skin care products, innovative therapies, global reach, and satisfaction to all clients, continues to be the foundation of our company today.

We are PARTNERS with our customers and guarantee outstanding, friendly customer service. We do not participate in negative or misleading advertising. We hope that our genuine dedication and hard working will become key-elements in helping people have a better health and longer life.

Based on win-win relationships.
We use only the highest quality ingredients.
We never test our products on animals.

let's start your natural skincare business by discussing with us today!