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MeKong Beauty and Viet Beauty Show are the business-to-business beauty exhibitions in Vietnam (where our branch is in) targeting the new and fast growing customer demographic focused on cosmetic goods. It’s considered as an exclusive opportunity to gain direct access into the MeKong market.

On last December 18, Mekong Beauty & Vietbeauty 2019 press conference with the topic “Marketing Strategies for Beauty Industry Distribution Channels”  was held at Deutsches Haus attracting 80 attendees including local brands, manufacturers, distributors, retail and press. The press conference is in the meantime integrated with a function under a Seminar which is one of activities of “Vietnam Beauty Distributor and Retailers Club”.

Experts from Nielsen, MEDiCARE, Centdegres and Haravan had shared their insights on the omnichannel distribution development answering those below main questions:

–          How is the development of E-commerce in Vietnam? Technology shifts in technology infrastructure, artificial intelligence, cashless payment,etc will significantly enhance the development of E-commerce in Vietnam. In 2017, Vietnam has 53.86 million internet users. This figure is projected to grow to 59.48 million internet users in 2022, accounting for nearby 60% of population. 33% Vietnamese consumers will do “money transfer when doing online shopping, 36% uses Credit Card/ Debit Card by 2020.

Technology adoption has been on the rise with 91% people use smartphone, 78% laptop, 78% laptop/PC, 67% home internet, 49% smart TV, 43% Tablet. More and more peaople have been connecting to social networks (35.8 million) spend 24.7 hours per week online.

Furthermore,there are some good signs in macro-economic policies and investment from goverments. Government aims to improve competitiveness of logistics services, targets to invest 30% penetration and $10b for ecommerce by 2025. They try to cover 4G nationwide by end 2017 and increase customers use non-cash payments upto 50% in 2020.

–        Is offline still very important to invest in and should brands go from offline to online? Offline means Retail and/or Wholesale. In beauty & cosmetics market in Vietnam, modern trade still counts small part compared to traditional one. Consumsers can find more convienient  in offline trade which can give them good advice on products and what makes them more beautiful. They love going to physical stores that can help save their time finding all the products like cleansers, toners, day cream, night cream, etc.

Offline modern trade is still so important in beauty and cosmetics market in Vietnam. Branded chain store can be the good ways to increase your chanel connects with target customers. Let your customers come, feel, smell, try before buying the stuffs because it can help build your customers’s trust and loyalty; protect and increase your brand value in this competitive market.

–          How to allocate your marketing budget in an omnichannel era?

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