Why We Decided To Create A New Salub Herbs Collection

Hello everyone.

As you may know, Salub Herbs is created and developed by Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd based in New Delhi, India. Salubrity Pharma provided OEM/ODM manufacturing beauty care products (skincare/ haircare/ bodycare) since 2014 and have come such a long way since then. Our new Salub Herbs collection is decided to be launched later this year (2018), which means a brand new look and a set of brand new products.



Although we were very happy with all products we produced, we felt that we could become more innovative and make fresher, more exciting. We really became fascinated by the idea “making people appear to look healthy and beautiful with premium herbal cosmetics”. It may be weird, but all what we want to is reconnecting people back to nature and improving their healthy glowing beauty so that they are swept up in better living.

We had been working on lots of new ideas for products which had come from speaking to existing customers and retailers about the range. We wanted to keep some of the best products that people loved in the range and add some lovely new products developed by our scientists. Gradually, over the last 9 months we have been scaling up what we do in the lab.

We started out just sending out orders, then manufacturing our existing recipes into our existing bottles. Take advantages of our current cGMP manufacturer located in Uttar Pradesh India, Salub Herbs production is made sure of very highest quality with 100% pure herbal beauty products, serving the best of services, offering the best values.


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