Letter from Salubrity Pharma’s CEO


Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd

OEM/ODM Skincare Manufacturer

Ecotech III, Uttar Pradesh, 201310, India.

Dear Customers,

Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd. was officially established in April 2015 with founders and researchers all related to medical and clinical field. After 3 years innovating, we became a skin care manufacturer (OEM/ODM) offering the complete custom formulation services as well as a full line of stocks of skin care and personal care products.

Whether your brand and products design or specification are 100% ready and available or not, Salubrity Pharma are able to customize our services and products to match your exact needs. With our very own R&D and Management teams we aim to provide you with an optimal solution in terms or both time and cost and ultimately with a professional product in terms of brand perception and quality.

We also launched our first range of clinical skin care product range in 2016 with brand name of Salub Herbs made by 100% herbs; solely exported to Asean countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. Lately, we provide new Bingo range of skin care products which can be used for professional (clinician and beauty salon) use as well as personal use at home contains lot of natural ingredients, medical grade ingredients and natural essential oils as very reasonable price. Fortunately, Bingo gradually earns good reputation and turns to be the best choice for many wholesalers around the world due to its quality and unique packaging.

Salubrity Pharma’s philosophy is to manufacturing high quality unique products with best services to every client partners. Whether doing OEM/ODM services or making Salub Herbs and Bingo products, we strive towards 100% customer and end-user satisfaction eventually.

Have you got a skincare/haircare/bodycare manufacturing need now? Contact Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd today!

We are here to serve you 24/7. Thank you so much!



Kamal Anand

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  • Caton Walled

    Hi, Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd
    We are always value what you are doing in the past few years. Keep establishing your brand as an internationally recognized expert in the research, development and production of technologically advanced personal care products. All the best

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