5 Tons Of Bingo Massage Cream Is Ready For Sale

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Bingo is one Brand of Salubrity Pharma Pvt Ltd based in New Delhi, India; specially produced for professional use in spa, skincare center, haircare center, Yoga, Ayurvedic Center,…. With 4 year experience in OEM/ODM non-color cosmetics, we bring to our customers in the best formulation and unique packaging. Bingo is more than 60% natural, vegan and not tested on animals.

Scientists with decades of experience made Bingo products in Salubrity Pharma’s lab, then undergone clinical studies and dermatological test so that each product is made sure to deliver highest quality and efficiency.

Our 5 tons of Bingo Massage Cream includes 11 products divided into 2 groups of effects: Whitening and Anti-aging:

  1. Mix Fruit Massage Cream 900gr
  2. Green Apple Massage Cream 900gr
  3. Saffron Massage Cream 900gr
  4. Pearl Massage Cream 900gr
  5. Cold Cream 900gr
  6. Papaya Massage Cream 900gr
  7. Haldi & Chandan Massage Cream 900gr
  8. Aloe Vera Massage Cream 900gr
  9. Malai Kesar Massage Cream 900gr
  10. Honey And Almond Massage Cream 900gr
  11. Silver Massage Cream 900gr

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