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Salubrity Pharma provides private label pharmaceuticals, beauty care products and services for up-and-coming businesses, large established brands, physicians, estheticians and other skincare professionals. We know it”s not enough to just have your own product line, so we formulate and manufacture professional-grade skincare products that produce REAL results.”
  •  ▶ Does Salubrity Pharma manufacture custom formulations?
Yes, we do manufacture custom formulations. Our fully equipped in-house laboratory and research and development department provides the perfect resources for clients to custom formulated products according to your market needs and specifications. Salubrity Pharma can make your product vision a reality.
  • ▶ What is the time frame for development of custom formula?
Our turnaround time on a custom formulation is usually 3-4 weeks; however, this can vary depending on the finalization of the formula and availability of the raw materials. Salubrity Pharma team will do our best to deliver your order as quickly as possible, but will never compromise quality or safety to do so.
  • ▶ Does Salubrity Pharma carry the most up-to-date ingredients?
Yes, we carry and stay up-to-date on the latest skin, body, and specialty hair care ingredients. We ensure our clients are receiving cutting-edge products made from the most noteworthy ingredients available in the skincare marketplace. Salubrity Pharma maintains a close relationship with our raw material suppliers, and are always the first to know about new discoveries.
  • ▶ Does Salubrity Pharma have stock formulations?
Yes, we do carry stock formulations for Private Label. With more than 100 stock formulations available for you to choose from, your skincare line is assured to contain cutting-edge products made from the most noteworthy ingredients available in the skincare marketplace. To view our extensive list of products, please click here.
  • ▶ Does Salubrity Pharma formulate with natural or organic ingredients?
Absolutely, we do formulate with both natural and organic ingredients. Most of our formulas are clean, and are formulated using both natural and organic ingredients targeting highest effectiveness.
  • Does Salubrity Pharma use Parabens, Amonia in formulas?
No, we do not use Parabens/ Anomia in our products; all of our products are paraben-free and ammonia-free.
  • ▶ What about confidentiality of the formulation?
A confidentiality agreement is signed at the beginning of the process to protect your information. Your information is not disclosed to other parties.

  • ▶ Does Salubrity Pharma supply labels?
Yes, we supply the labels for your products. You will work with our graphics team to ensure the look and feel of the label clearly conveys your branding message.
  • ▶ Can I make my own labels?
Sure, you can certainly make your own labels. If you choose to do so, it”s important to speak with your account executive to discuss the packaging and labels sizes required.
  • ▶ Can Salubrity Pharma create labels using my artwork or designs?
Yes, we can use your existing artwork or designs to create your new labels. Salubrity Pharma designation team requires your artwork to be high resolution graphics file, preferable in .eps or .ai format. Once they apply your artwork to your labels, we will provide you a full color proof for your approval.
  • ▶ Can Salubrity Pharma create a logo for my brand?
Yes, Salubrity Pharma in-house graphic designers will work with you to create a custom logo at a standard hourly rate.
  • ▶ How long does the label designs process take to complete?
The label design process timeframe is varied, and depends significantly on whether your branding and logo have already been determined. If you already have a logo, the process can move rather quickly. If you have an intricate labels design in mind, or don't have a logo ready to go, the process can take longer. Salubrity Pharma team will always do our best to set appropriate expectations and your representative will ensure that the process moves forward as quickly as possible.
  • ▶ What information must appear on the labels?
The following information must appear on the principal display panel.
  • ● An identity statement
  • ● An accurate statement of the net quantity of contents
The following information must appear on an information panel
  • ● Name and place of business, Distributor statement
  • ● Material facts
  • ● Warning and caution statement
For more detailed information, feel free to contact your knowledgeable and helpful account representative directly, or click here to contact us.
  • ▶ Do my products ship with labels already applied?
Sure, your products are shipped with the label adhered to the packaging.
  • ▶ Does Salubrity Pharma have packaging available?
Yes, our vast array of stock packing options is unmatched! Your account executive will guide you through the process of selecting from this extensive variety of packaging options. You will choose your product packaging based on ingredients, formulation, consistency, branding and budget.
  • ▶ What types of packaging does Salubrity Pharma have?
We have automatic packaging lines for various packing type: bottles, bottles with pump, sachets, tubs, jars, gel boats, sachet, refill bag…
Different product form: alchoholbase,liquid, paste...(including very high viscosity product like hair wax). Salubrity Pharma team will guide you through the process of selecting from this extensive variety of packaging options.
  • ▶ Can I supply my own packaging?
Sure, you are welcomed to supply your own packaging if you wish.
  • ▶ What types of custom packaging Salubrity Pharma offers?
Our advanced and upgraded packaging will give you that aesthetic edge and artistic appeal to further compliment the product within. For a more signature look, we provide upgradable and customized packaging options.
By working with leading suppliers in the industry, Salubrity Pharma are able to attain an unlimited array of packaging choices and, if total exclusivity is what you desire, we will even source custom molds for a one-of-a-kind look.
  • ▶ Will upgrading my packaging incur an additional cost?
Yes, upgrading your packaging can incur additions costs from those quoted. The prices vary depending upon the paging component chosen.

  • ▶ Does Salubrity Pharma follow cGMP Practices?
Yes, all of our processes are cGMP Compliant. We also are an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Personal and Skincare Contract Manufacturer.
  • ▶ Where are products manufactured?
All products are manufactured onsite at our manufacturer. All of skincare products are formulated, tested, created, packaged and shipped from right here in India, U.P state.
  • ▶ How is the product tested?
Salubrity Pharma provides physical and chemical tests in our laboratories. Visual appearance, odour, pH, density and viscosity is tested on all our QA samples randomly selected from production lines.
Several other tests are offered such as stability testing, preservative efficacy testing and microbiological tests. These are all available from independently operated laboratories.
  • ▶ Who are Salubrity Pharma's customers?
Due to confidentiality agreements with existing clients, we cannot disclose the names of our customers. However, we can tell you that we have manufactured millions of products for thousands of customers and can provide you references should they be required.
  • ▶ Where are your products sold and distributed?
Salubrity Pharma's products are marketed and sold all over the world. They are available in leading department stores, physicians' offices, salons and spas, and many internet retailers.
  • ▶ What size business does Salubrity Pharma generally work with?
We work with a vast assortment of business sizes, from small up-and-coming businesses, to large established corporations, doctor's offices, salons and spas.
  • ▶ What is Salubrity Pharma's manufacturing capabilities?
Salubrity Pharma facility can accommodate both low and high volume runs. Starting at the 12 prototype runs, average capacity is approximately 40,000 units or higher per day. All products are manufactured right here in the India, at our headquarters in beautiful UP state. Our secure manufacturing facility is located on-site in our 5,000 square foot headquarters.
  • ▶ Can I request product samples?
Yes, Salubrity Pharma offers full-size product samples. These samples can be purchased at the wholesale price, and there are no minimum orders. To request samples, or to discuss our available products, please feel free to contact us, we are very happy to assist you.
  • ▶ What are order minimums? (MOQ)?
Our minimum order size is currently 2,500 pieces per Private Label product or Per Professional Solutions product.
  • ▶ How exactly does process work?
It is important to us that you understand the process Salubrity Pharma going through to deliver a final product to your doorstep. If you are interested in Private Label products, visit our How Private Label Works section for an in-depth explanation of the process. If you are interested in Contract Manufacturing, visit our How Contract Manufacturing Works section for an in-depth explanation of the process.
  • ▶ Can I visit your facility?
Certainly! We would love to have you visit our facility. Salubrity Pharma has office located in Nehru Vihar, Delhi while R&D lab and manufacturer are in beautiful U.P, India. If you are in the area and would like to schedule a visit, please contact us to set up a time.
  • ▶ Can I rent company warehouse?
If required, Salubrity Pharmais ready offer warehousing services to active clients, with both standard and climate controlled storage options available. Our warehouse accommodates various items, such as packaging, raw materials and labels.
Any items stored with us are registered through our inventory system, allowing us to take over tracking and maintenance.

Contact us today to know more about how Salubrity Pharma's R & D expertise can help deliver success for your brand. Email: or hotline (+91) 99990 17761 (Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat). We are always here and ready to serve you 24/7!